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How to Score BIG When Stocks Collapse


Webinar Date: August 9 - 8:00 PM EST

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Live Webinar: Operation "Double-Double"

Live walk through of how you can capitalize on a stock when it falls. I am going to take a $50,000 REAL MONEY BET against a company I think is on the verge of cracking.

NO EXPERIENCE REQUIRED: All Traders Welcome. Replay Available to Registrants Only

BONUS: A Step-by-Step Walkthrough of Jeff's $50,000 Bet Against One Company

How to Score BIG When Stocks Collapse

Stock: SPY

Bought:  $0.53

Sold:  $1.27

Total Gain: 126.4%

Profit / Loss: $45,425

Learn how I am able to identify the point right before a stock collapses and how to capture profits like these


Deb A.

 "Out $FB puts for a 450% gain! WhooHoo! My first option trade was in late March. Thank you Nate! Thank you Jeff Bishop! It's the video lessons that made this possible."

Warren Lobb

"Thanks for your IQ call. Closed one trade already up over %100 !! Opened another one today and climbing. Taking your option courses day by day and learning fast but taking the trades slow."

Jerome Elliot

"+$7134 on USO. I just signed up for your service a short while back, a week and a half or so... (the Weekly Money Multiplier) This marked my first big win."

Samuel Price

"Today I realized a gain of 142% on Jeff's TLT Put trade that I entered Tuesday. Obviously, that's substantial, and I wanted to recognize such. Also, after reading the email messages he sends out accompanying his picks more thoroughly, I am, in fact, able to glean the information I need before deciding to take a position."